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As a teacher in the School City of Hammond your presence in the classroom will enhance our ability to provide an optimum opportunity for teaching and learning for our students. The Hammond Teachers' Federation represents all Hammond teachers-we are the legally empowered bargaining agent. We have served in that capacity since 1972. My name is Patrick O'Rourke and I am the president of Local 394.

In Hammond we practice the politics of collaboration. Now more than ever, due to regressive legislation passed in the General Assembly, it is imperative that we maintain that philosophy. Essentially that means that the role of the bargaining agent is to work diligently to empower classroom teachers in the decision making process. This process will be self-evident as the year progresses.

Federation membership meetings take place on the first Monday of each month at 3:30 at the Area Career Center's Professional Development Center on Sohl Avenue. Each school building has a HTF building representative who will assist you as you begin your career in Hammond as well as represent you in matters of professional concern.


Patrick O'Rourke
President, Hammond Teachers' Federation, Local 394

Louis Gikas
Vice President, Membership




Winter 2017 issue of American Educator spotlights Aug. 5th Immigration Education Conference

https://www.aft.org/ae/winter2017-2018/dubin (HTF-394 proudly sponsored this event)




October HTF General membership Meeting

The general membership meeting scheduled for October 1st has been changed to Monday, October 8th.
We feel we will have more information available to teachers on all items at that time. ACC 3:45
A newsletter is forthcoming.

Patrick O'Rourke
President, Hammond Teachers' Federation, Local 394